Memorabilia Framing

Not just shirts... Baby's first shoes, Olympic and Paralympic medals; cricket, baseball and table tennis bats; boxing gloves; football boots, athletics spikes and ballet shoes; drumsticks, concert tickets, records and drum skins;  fencing foils and archery arrows; cycling, gymnastics, martial arts, mountaineering, orienteering, and sailing accessories; tennis, badminton and squash rackets; equestrian rosettes, MBE awards; dance- and swimwear, ballet slippers; hockey, lacrosse and hurling sticks; fishing flies; skis; watersports paddles and oars; snooker and pool cues, and, even your lucky golf club and tee.


When framing 3d objects, our experienced staff can guide you through the framing options available and help you decide on the right framing solution for your artwork. Most 3D  work will require a box frame. We work closely with the client during the initial decision making process using our experience and expertise to guide the client where necessary. A good starting point is to consider the period and feel of the object and how it may fit with your interior/purpose.


We have experience in framing a wide variety of three dimensional  work and we have developed a variety of methods to ensure the objects stay put. Framing 3D objects is very much bespoke and specific to the work and requirements of the client and each one is different.


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