Mount Cutting

What a mount can do for your picture

The mount is a very often an important part of a framing, it not only looks good but it also helps to protect the artwork.As professional framers, we want to enhance your artwork and present it at its best. Prints and photographs can sometimes look lost inside a frame without a mount and it can be difficult to tell where the art finishes and the frame begins, drawing your eye away from the artwork. A mount provides the transition needed to get your eye focused on the artwork again.

Mount colour, size and shape all play a part in showing your artwork off at its best. Different border sizes and colour combinations can make each piece of artwork individual.Experimenting with different colours and shapes can really change the look of your artwork; we can spruce up an old picture with a fresh clean mount to suit new decor to excellent effect.

There are many mount combinations involved in picture framing. We can combine different combinations together to get stunning results.

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