How to measure your frame size

If you have a photograph, print or poster to frame and the paper on which it is printed is 400mm x 500mm you would order a frame 400mm x 500mm

If your photograph, print or poster has been printed with a border around and you wish this to be visible in the frame you would still measure the exact size of the picture, if you want to cut the border from the paper so that your picture is framed up to the image then you would measure the image only and that is the size of frame that you need. 

If your picture is already in a frame then you will need to remove it before measuring as this will give an accurate measurement.

Please note, all frames have an inside lip that will hold the glass and your picture inside the frame so you will lose approximately 5mm all around the image.

How to measure for a frame and mount

If the item to be framed is printed to the very edge of the paper then you would need to make the hole for the mount slightly smaller (about 5mm) on each side to allow the mount to overlap and stop the print falling through.

If the item to be framed is not printed to the edge of the paper you would need to measure the size of the image that you would like to see, this is the size that you need to enter when building your frame.

Please remember to double check before placing the order.

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