Memorabilia framing

Memorabilia Framing

Not just shirts… Baby’s first shoes, Olympic and Paralympic medals; cricket, baseball and table tennis bats; boxing gloves; football boots, athletics spikes and ballet shoes; drumsticks, concert tickets, records and drum skins;  fencing foils and archery arrows; cycling, gymnastics, martial arts, mountaineering, orienteering, and sailing accessories; tennis, badminton and squash rackets; equestrian rosettes, MBE awards; dance- and swimwear, ballet slippers; hockey, lacrosse and hurling sticks; fishing flies; skis; watersports paddles and oars; snooker and pool cues, and, even your lucky golf club and tee.


Mounting Your Items

Our mountboards feature a clean, crisp bevel cut and are available in a comprehensive selection of many colours and textures. You can also add additional cutouts to the bottom of the mount to display photographs, tickets or text title windows etc. Mount colour, size and shape all play a part in showing your artwork off at its best. Different border sizes and colour combinations can make each piece of artwork individual. Experimenting with different colours and shapes can really change the look of your artwork; we can spruce up an old picture with a fresh clean mount to suit new decor to excellent effect.

Choosing The Right Frame

With the care that has been taken in collecting your items of memorabilia it is worth taking the time to find the perfect frame.

We do a wide selection of traditional frames for old stamps, from walnut to oak, all the wood finishes. We also do a wide selection of washed and painted wood in the off-whites, creams and whites etc.

We have a great selection of contemporary frames to choose from, from super high gloss chunky frames to fine slim vibrant slips.

As with traditional framing jobs we go through all the possibilities for your project. Our aim is to get the ultimate result with your choices and our advice.

Record Framing

Vinyl record covers are some of the most recognizable imagery, unforgettable covers such as Abbey Road by The Beatles, Aladdin Sane by David Bowie and Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd to name but a few.

Display the music you love with our fabulous record frames.